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How to get a Covid vaccine QR code in France – and why you may need it

Everyone can now download their vaccination certificate through France’s health insurance website.

This now gives access to the EU Covid travel pass, allowing travel across the EU.

Everyone who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 in France and has not received a certificate of proof with a QR code on it can now obtain one through France’s state health insurance website Ameli.

The dedicated link for this is attestation-vaccin.ameli.fr

Everyone who has been vaccinated since May 3 has received this certificate with the code in person following their vaccination. 

The online service is for those who were vaccinated before this date and who do not have this certificate.

The certificate will essentially act as proof that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and will also serve as a way to access large events in France, as well as to travel around the EU once its travel passes are launched on July 1. 

How do I get the certificate?

You must have an account at FranceConnect, which will automatically be the case if you are in the French health system and have a personal account on the ameli.fr website. 

If you do not have an ameli.fr account and are in the French health system, you can create one with elements including your bank account details, post code, date of birth and your social security number.

Otherwise you can also access FranceConnect if you already have an account with another partner organisation.

FranceConnect is a service that allows you to sign in to various different services in a simplified way. You need one password and one user ID code (identifiant). 

You can use ones you set up for any of these: impots.gouv.fr (tax website); Mobile Connect et Moi (for Orange mobile customers – to be expan­ded later to other firms); MSA (farmers’ social security); alicem (an Interior Ministry app); or La Poste’s identité numérique.

If you do not have FranceConnect login, you can read this article explaining the processes for setting one up – What is FranceConnect?

If you have already set up a FranceConnect login then after signing in you will see a screen like the one in the picture below. 

You can click on the “Continuer sur Attestation Vaccin” box and you will have your certificate. 

You can then download, print it off or use the QR code to scan it onto your mobile phone via the application Tous Anti Covid, through the “mon carnet” (my wallet) tool. 

What is the certificate for?

The certificate principally serves to show that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The government is currently working on a health pass system in France that will mean that people can use the vaccination certificates to access large indoor events of over 1,000 people. 

This system should be in place by June 9. 

The certificate will also serve as proof when the EU-wide Covid travel passes are established, to allow you to travel easily within the Bloc. 

The EU is aiming to have the passes in place by July 1. France’s Assurance Maladie will update the vaccination certificates from June 21 in order to format them to the European health passes. From this date, the certificates will be available in French and English. 

What if I am struggling to use this online service?

Ameli explains that if you cannot or do not want to use this online service, then you can request your certificate from the professional who vaccinated you, or ask your GP or any other health professional.

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