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Here are some details for the walk on the 21st March.

The restaurant is the Auberge du Relais (http://www.auberge-du-relais.com/) which will also be where we can park for the walk. The Auberge is in Berenx on the D933. We should meet there at 9:10 to start walking from the Auberge no later than 9:40. Lunch will be for 12.30 at the Auberge du Relais. Final details are as yet to be arranged but as an indication of cost the menu du jour is 14 euros.

The walk will be about 10 kilometers and starts by heading south along the Chemin de Bahades which we will follow for about 1.75 kilometers to then continue in the same direction along a track which we will follow up to the top of the hill and we will then return via Chemin du Biale and Chemin Larrue.

There is a shorter and flatter walk of 3 kilometers. This walk also starts by heading south along the Chemin de Bahades but turns left after 1.5 kilometers onto a track that runs across a field, over a wooden bridge with trolls underneath and then if you survive continuing onto Route de Berenx and then back to the Auberge.

Peter Haynes

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Event date: Mar 21, 2019

From 9:10 am to 3:00 pm

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